Building for Biodiversity


The structure consists in three metal cages : a central one is filled with shell or other substrate, and two other empty cages.

In the cage filled with oyster shells, lots of invertebrates and algae will grow and serve as natural food for the baby fishes. The two other cages create a physical barrier against predators where the small fishes can protect themselves from bigger fishes.

Made in France with resistant, recycled and recyclable materials, the Biohut is a small ecological tool that can be installed on all types of artificial structures.

It is also used as a spawning ground by several species like Common perch or Pike.

After being scientifically validated, the Biohut has been used since 2013, and we observed 300 different species in it, with 80 different fish species!

Used together with floating gardens, it makes a complete floating ecosystems that are beneficial to fish, birds, insects or amphibians".